Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiry

1What is a Migraine StopperTM?
It is the world’s first hand held, portable air ear insufflator designed specifically to be used by a patient, to create neuromodulation, to specifically help alleviate the pain of migraine. (Insufflation is the medical introduction of a gas into a body cavity).
2Is the Migraine StopperTM safe?
During the 18 month clinical trial there were no reported adverse side effect from using the Migraine StopperTM.

The patented “migraine relief valve” increases the safety of the device to use, and helps to ensure a correct level of air pulsing each and every time it is used.
3Does the procedure hurt?
No. When used properly the Migraine StopperTM should never cause pain or discomfort. The sensation in the ear can feel unusual for some people, but should not be painful.

If there is any discomfort, stop and see your health care practitioner.
4How long does it take to stop my migraine?
Results like for most therapies may vary from person to person, but we believe that most people may get relief from, or turn off their migraines, within about 15 minutes.
5If I have ear pain, can I use the Migraine StopperTM?
No. Any ear discomfort must be looked at by your health care practitioner. Only use the Migraine StopperTM on ears that are pain free.
6When should I NOT use the Migraine StopperTM?
If you are suffering from or susceptible to any of the following conditions, do NOT use the Migraine StopperTM and immediately see your health care practitioner:
    a. Ear pain
    b. Ear infection
    c. Concussion and/or head injury
    d. Perforated air drum
    e. Any foreign bodies in the ear including water
    f. Recent ear surgery
    g. Any recent head surgery
    h. Ringing in the ear
Also, if when using the Migraines StopperTM you start to feel vertigo, dizziness, nausea, ear pain, tinnitus or tearing of the eyes, discontinue use and immediately see your health care practitioner.
7How does the Migraine StopperTM work?
Migraines are multifactorial in their origin but overactivity of the brain stem at the trigeminal nucleus is considered to be a major factor in a migraine developing.

The Migraine StopperTM may function to stimulate the vagus nerve and trigeminal nerve by gently flexing the ear canal and ear drum using precise air pressure.

Activating the vagus nerve and the trigeminal nerve in this way may calm down and relax the trigeminal nucleus and this may calm down the migraine and turn it off.
8Can children use the Migraine StopperTM?
Yes. Children unfortunately can also be victims of migraine. We suggest that for children, a responsible adult should oversee and help the child to make sure they are using the device properly. Your Migraine StopperTM comes with two different sized ear pieces. Make sure you chose the ear piece (normally the smaller one) that makes the best airtight seal. Migraine StopperTM in this circumstance should only be used under adult supervision.
9I have been swimming today, is it safe to use the Migraine StopperTM
If there is anything in the ear canal, whether that be water, or any other substance, the Migraine StopperTM should not be used until the ear canal is clear and unobstructed.
10What is a Migraine Hangover?
Migraine sufferers can experience a migraine hangover which occurs after the migraine has finished, often on the next day.

It has been described as feeling like a hangover ie the same feeling you can get after a big night out drinking too much alcohol.

The great thing is that the Migraine StopperTM has been shown to be effective on the “hangover “part of the migraine as well.
11I have a lot of ear wax, will the Migraine StopperTM still work?
The Migraine StopperTM works by using specific gentle air pressure to flex the ear drum. If you have a blockage due to wax the Migraine StopperTM cannot do its job.

If you suffer migraines, its best to have good ear hygiene and do things to reduce the ear wax in your ear canal.
12Does the Migraine StopperTM stop the recurrence of future migraines?
This is a really exciting area of current research. Anecdotally a significant number of clinical trial participants, reported that their migraine frequency was reduced after using the Migraine StopperTM.