For more than 10 years, migraines have been ruling my life. The pain is so intense, irritating (feels as if I can’t keep my eyes open) that it makes me avoid any “fun” time.

If I walk in the sun, if I go to the movies, if I go to parties, if I eat something, ta-da MIGRAINE HAPPENS. So, I am the person who always says ‘I have a migraine, I cannot come’. This has happened so many times.

When I started the trial with the Migraine StopperTM, I was amazed as I had forgotten living without a migraine. Migraines every day were normal for me so when I experienced days without migraine I was SHOCKED.

My life has changed, I go out, sun doesn’t scare me, parties I enjoy, loud action movies do not bother me and foods I am now up for trying. Migraine StopperTM has allowed me to minimize and at any time stop migraines. It takes less than fifteen minutes to get my life back.