Robyn Dennis

I’ve been a migraine suffered for 50 years, and I’ve tried every new drug that’s been available, finally settling on an old drug which didn’t give me so many side effects. A friend told me she had heard of the Migraine StopperTM, which was being trialled, and urged me to get on the trial. I made inquiries really without any hope of any success for me, as I have tried everything new remedy for migraines that I’ve heard of, but the fact that it wasn’t a drug was so much in its favour. The first migraine I had after I took home the Migraine StopperTM was quite severe and I was amazed when it disappeared within 10 minutes of using the device.
This has not happened every time since, but each time the pain was considerably lessened. In the beginning, occasional headaches resisted the Migraine StopperTM, but with consistent use, I’ve found all headaches cease within half to one hour. Another wonderful result is that I am not getting headaches nearly as frequently – going for weeks or more without any.
I’d say there’s been at least 90% improvement in my migraines, and therefore in my life! I wish I’d had access to the Migraine StopperTM years ago!