Overview of Migraine Stopper
If symptoms improve - repeat 1 cycle
After several cycles treat your other ear
This is the end of your treatment

**If symptoms persist, contact and seek medical assistance and/or advice.

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How to Use the Migraine Stopper

The Migraine Stopper is a neuromodulation device designed for migraine relief. It can ease the pain as your migraine starts, and it can also be used as a preventative therapy to stop future attacks!

The Migraine Stopper is actually an ear pump which stimulates both the trigeminal and the vagus nerves in the ear by applying gentle air pressure. Putting gentle but precise pressure on these two nerves can help alleviate migraines.

Luckily, the Migraine Stopper is very simple to use. Easing the symptoms can be done in a couple of simple steps. You can get relief in less than 15 minutes!

Practice Using the Migraine Stopper

You should practice using the Migraine Stopper before your migraine develops, so you can improve your technique. When you feel the migraine coming, follow these instructions:

  • Insert the Migraine Stopper earpiece into your ear. Start with your right ear (or the left if you're experiencing symptoms on the left side of the head).
  • Push and continually hold in the Migraine Relief AirValve (which is next to the earpiece). This ensures correct airflow for migraine relief.
  • Make sure the earpiece is deep in the ear canal while you continually hold in the AirValve to ensure a snug and airtight fit. Be gentle and don't push too hard.
  • Squeeze and release the bulb, but start slowly because this might be a new sensation for your ear. You'll feel a pushing and suctioning sensation in your ear if you're doing this step correctly. You need to achieve an airtight seal. You’re doing this the right way if the bulb returns to its normal shape more slowly. When the seal isn’t right, the bulb will quickly return to its original position.
  • Once you have an airtight seal, gently pump the bulb 30 times. Each pump includes both a squeeze and a release and should last for 1-2 seconds.
  • When you finish one cycle (30 pumps), gently remove the Migraine Stopper from your ear. Wait a couple of seconds to see if your migraine symptoms are improving.
  • If your symptoms are improving, put the Migraine Stopper back into your ear and repeat the cycle (30 pumps). Keep doing this until your migraine is completely gone.
  • If your migraine isn’t gone after treating one ear for several cycles, treat your other ear in the same way.

The number of cycles you should complete for migraine relief varies from person to person, but the average in the first ear is 4-10 times and in the second ear 1-6 times. Do as much as you need until your symptoms have improved or your migraine is gone.

Some people will only need to treat one ear before their migraine is gone, but others might need to treat both. Only treat the other ear if you can’t turn off the migraine with the first ear. 

When Should You Use the Migraine Stopper?

The best time to treat a migraine with the Migraine Stopper is in the prodrome phase. If you apply treatment early, you’ll increase your chance to stop the migraine from developing.

Some people can turn off the migraine in the main phase, too, while others can only ease the symptoms at that point. You can also use the Migraine Stopper in the postdrome stage to get rid of the migraine hangover symptoms.

Before You Start Using the Migraine Stopper

Note that you shouldn't use this device if you have:

  • An ear infection or acute ear pain
  • A recently perforated eardrum
  • Any foreign bodies in your ear (including water)
  • Recent ear or head surgery

If the symptoms persist, visit or call your doctor to seek medical advice.

There are no serious side effects of using the Migraine Stopper, but if you feel symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, ear pain, or any discomfort at all, you should stop using the device.

Follow these instructions carefully and get rid of migraines for good.