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The Migraine Stopper is an innovative and effective tool for treating migraines. We're on a mission to help all those who suffer from migraines on a regular basis.

We have already helped thousands of people to reduce the frequency and severity of their migraines. The Migraine Stopper is a patient operated portable pneumatic medical device created to assist in the treatment of migraines.

You can support us on our mission to help more people with migraines by joining our rewarding medical equipment affiliate program.

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How does it Work?

Our affiliates are given a set commission for each sale that is processed via their website. The set up is simple, just add a text link or banner to your site that your visitors can click through.

When the customer clicks the link on your site, they will be taken to the Migraine Stopper website. Once they have completed their purchase of one of our products, you will get your commission of 10%. This is a much more generous commission rate than most medical device affiliate programs.

We include a cookie life of 45 days. This means you will get a commission for any product bought by the customer up to 45 days after the initial click.

We will also help you to make more sales by providing you with notifications on sales, exclusive deals, free coupons, and more. Your success is our success with our top medical affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Features

Here is a summary of what our medical equipment affiliate program looks like:

Who Can Join?

Our affiliates niches typically include: 

Organic Remedies

Do you work in holistic therapy or organic remedies? Many of our affiliates enjoy recommending the Migraine Stopper for their patients with migraine issues.

Because our device is air powered and patient-operated, many holistic therapists highly recommend our product.

Women Blogs

Women experience migraines much more and often more severely than men. They often experience more pain and for longer. Changes in estrogen levels are the culprit.

It's no surprise then, that female bloggers and blogs for women like to recommend our product. We have a track history in helping women reduce their migraine issues effectively.

Check out our testimonials to discover how women are using the Migraine Stopper to ease their pain and reduce the frequency of their migraines.


Biohacking is growing in popularity all over the globe. It aims to try many different techniques to help solve everyday health or fitness related issues.

The Migraine Stopper fits nicely within the biohacking industry and movement, as the ultimate biohacking device for migraines. When the patient uses their Migraine Stopper and  pump air into their ear, two well-researched migraine fighting nerves are activated. This clever bio-hack results in impulses from the ear gently traveling to the  brain stem where migraines originate. The result of this bio-hack has  the effect of turning off migraines and also decreasing further attacks. The Migraine Stopper is a step away from conventional medicine and puts your wellbeing into your own hands.

Biohacking seeks to take a step back from heavy drug prescriptions, which we also aim to do.

Medical Blogs

Medical bloggers and their readers are always looking for innovative new methods and technology that can help solve our most common ailments.

The Migraine Stopper is revolutionary in its technology and effectiveness for helping those who suffer from migraines. Medical blogs are an excellent platform for sharing innovative new tech that can change people's lives and health for the better.

Natural Medicine

Natural medicine websites and blogs aim to explore new medical treatments without the use of drugs and invasive surgery. The Migraine Stopper is a practical and holistic approach to preventing and minimizing the pain of migraines.

Embracing drug-free technology is an integral part of the natural medicine industry. Together, we can help people lose their dependence on prescription drugs, and offer a practical alternative that empowers them and saves them money.

Technical/Gadgets Blogs

The Migraine Stopper is an innovative piece of medical tech. Those working in tech or gadgetry can share the information and results of using the Migraine stopper for their audience.

We understand the importance of tech and gadgets in the future of medical care. With our product and your gadget-loving audience, we can help more people than ever who suffer from migraines.

Social Media Influencers

Those who have a large following on social media interested in alternative medicine, medical tech, or just innovative products can benefit from being an affiliate.

Our product is effective. This means we receive plenty of positive reviews and testimonials for our product. You, too, can help people on social media to find a solution for their migraine issues and benefit from the positive feedback.

How Does the Migraine Stopper Work?

The Migraine Stopper is an innovative patented ear pump operated by the migraine patient. It works by using gently and precise positive and negative air pressure to stimulate two nerves in the ear for the goal of migraine relief.

It is designed to stimulate the trigeminal nerve and vagus nerve to calm down the over-excited brain stem. Overly excited brain stems are at the very core of why people suffer migraines. 

Human Brain Image

The Migraine Stopper is what medicine calls a neuromodulation device. What is neuromodulation? It is the activation of a specific nerve that helps alleviate symptoms in a patient. 

The Migraine Stopper works by supplying a gentle and precise positive and negative air pressure in your ear canal. This helps to create a steady, reliable, and moderate push and pull effect on the ear canal and eardrum. 

Doing this causes the stimulation of two specific cranial nerves, the trigeminal nerve and the vagus nerve. The trigeminal and vagus nerve are very well researched by medicine to be involved in migraines and their treatments. The Migraine Stopper stimulates both the migraine fighting nerves at the same time. 

Current research shows that when the trigeminal nerve and vagus nerves are stimulated, they have a neuromodulation effect of soothing an overactive trigeminal nucleus in the brain stem. This helps to relieve the pain of a migraine. What's more daily use of the Migraine Stopper is thought to rewire an overly active trigeminal nucleus allowing for less migraine attacks in the future.

Benefits Your Website Visitors Will Love

The Migraine Stopper is enjoyed by many for several important reasons. Your site visitors and followers will benefit greatly from using our product.

Preventative Therapy

The FDA has approved several drugs to help prevent migraines. However, these aim to cure symptoms of a migraine, not prevent them. They’re often not effective or have adverse reactions for the patient.

Some patients do not want to depend on drugs for their treatment and want preventative care. The Migraine Stopper is an effective form of preventative therapy for migraines.

Acute Therapy

A migraine is an episodic and unpredictable headache disorder. When it attacks, it can have disabling effects for the person.

The Migraine Stopper is an effective form of acute therapy. When the patient starts to experience the severe symptoms of a migraine, all they have to do is:

  1. Place the earpiece in the ear. Push and keep holding down the valve.
  2. Squeeze and release rubber bulb for 1 cycle (1 cycle = 30 pumps)
  3. If symptoms improve, repeat 1 more cycle.
  4. After several cycles, the symptoms of the migraine should have stopped.
  5. If symptoms have not improved fully, the patient can repeat the above in the opposite ear. The symptoms should then have improved. 

Natural Remedy

The Migraine Stopper requires no drugs to be effective. It is an innovative piece of tech that uses air pressure to stimulate two nerves in the ear for the goal of migraine relief.

Those who prefer to avoid drug therapy will enjoy the natural and effective method of using a Migraine Stopper device.

There are no adverse side effects to using a Migraine Stopper. Users won't feel fatigued or experience nausea like with so many migraine medications.


During the 18 months clinical trial, there were no reported adverse side effects from using the Migraine Stopper. The migraine relief valve increases the safety of the device to use and helps to ensure a correct level of air pulsing each and every time it is used.

There is typically no pain or discomfort created by the device. Sometimes the sensation in the ear can feel unusual, but it should never be painful.

Fast Acting

When a migraine appears, the Migraine Stopper can be used to treat the pain within 15 minutes or less. This varies from person to person.

Compared to migraine drugs, the Migraine Stopper is much quicker. Typical migraine medication takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to take effect and can have some side effects, including:

  • Tingling or numbness in your toes.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Tightness or discomfort in the chest and throat

Clinically Tested

The Migraine Stopper is the result of over 5 years of clinical testing conducted in Australia. The product is based on the research found in clinical trials published in Functional Neurology Rehabilitation and Ergonomics.

This research found that the majority of patients "experienced rapid, complete or near-complete relief from their headache".

This study is considered to be groundbreaking showing that ear insufflation ( the technique of putting air pressure in the ear) can be an effective intervention in the elimination of migraine symptomatology.


The Migraine Stopper device is small and comes in a compact carry case. This makes it easy to travel with and store in your bags.

The size of the device and case is only slightly bigger than your average-sized smartphone. You can use the device anywhere and everywhere, making it the perfect ally to fight off migraines.


The current price for The Migraine Stopper is just $250AUD ( or $175US )  per device. Considering the long life and durability of the device, users will benefit significantly from cost savings in the long run. 

The Migraine Stopper helped thousands of people! Watch testimonials

60 Day Migraine Stopper Challenge

One of the best and most effective ways to get new customers on board is to challenge them to our 60 Migraine Stopper Challenge.

There are 4 easy steps for new customers to take to start their journey to a migraine-free life. 

  1. Use the Migrain Stopper daily as a preventative.
  2. Use whenever a migraine attacks.
  3. Get lots of morning sunlight.
  4. Block any blue light from devices.

Many of our valued customers report huge success when taking part in the 60 Day Migraine Stopper Challenge.

"Quality product. My daughter is taking the 60-day challenge. I just started wearing blue glasses. She thinks it is helping, and I am really positive." - Jessica Purcell

"I've had the Migraine Stopper for a few months. In that time, the frequency and severity of my hormonal migraines have gone down. Not completely eliminated, but I'm confident that things will continue to improve." - Nancy Malek

"I am so thrilled at the results, my daughter is now using the migraine stopper every day as a preventative, and it is in her bag every day. I highly recommend this product, and I am so thankful to Adam for the difference his product has made to my daughters' life and our family." - Carly Strudwicke

How to apply to our program? 

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We hope to hear from you soon so that we begin our journey together. We hope you will support us in raising awareness for our effective Migraine Stopper device and help us transform people's lives.

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The CEO - Adam Meredith

Dr Adam Merdith is the founder and CEO of The Migraine Stopper. A chiropractor by trade with his own group of practices that are known as the Spine and Health, a Posture Based Chiropractic Centre.

Adam was inspired to build the Migraine Stopper when he came across research that showed how underfunded the migraine research and development were. After discovering just how little attention migraines were getting despite migraines affecting 1 in 7 people, he knew he had to help.

Over the last five years, Adam, with his team, has been testing and refining the Migraine Stopper device. He has helped thousands of people to relieve their symptoms of migraines and can help even more with your affiliate support.

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