Meet Adam Meredith

Dear Migraine Sufferers,

Incredible as it seems 1 in 7 people suffer from migraine, so you belong to a huge group of 1 BILLION patients. That’s an insane number of people being wiped out by migraine. But despite this, little research is going on to help.

Migraine is classified, by the NIH, along with other neurological disorders. In 2017 the NIH funded the equivalent of only $0.51 per patient for Migraine, but $58.33 for Epilepsy and $252.50 for Multiple Sclerosis. When you consider migraine is more prevalent than epilepsy diabetes, and asthma combined, it shows you that it’s not getting the attention it deserve.

This inspired me to invent the Migraine Stopper. After five years of testing and refining the Migraine Stopper with great relief on hundreds of migraine patients, I am really proud.
I wish the same relief for you!